Area Man


12" x 12"


I was in a hot car with a boyfriend who was driving hillside in Denver. I remember trying to stop myself from getting a sunburn but had forgotten sunscreen, and was covering my legs with my arms for protection. It was just past noon. First looking at the rear view mirror, then at the open blue sky, I noticed a shining light. First, it was moving very quickly yet perfectly steady motion upward, then stayed suspended in the air. It was one of those moments that was so terribly fleeting, the excitement equally matched in disbelief equated to a complete loss of ability to speak. What surfaced verbally was little speculation of what the suspended light could be. Later that night, we randomly checked the news to see if anyone else had seen what I saw, and it turned out someone had. The article was titled “Mile High Mystery”. A man choosing to stay unidentified as “area man” had not only filmed it on his digital camera, he had been capturing it for weeks, and the pattern was 3 times a week between 12 and 1:00 that the same movement of this U.F.O. would take place. In Area man’s footage, the object moves so fast, one would assume it were a just bug in front of the lens of his camera, unless they had seen what I saw.