March 31 - May 20, 2016
Portland 'Pataphysical Society
In conjunction with SGCI 2016: Flux

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 31, 6 - 9pm

Portland ‘Pataphysical Society | 625 NW Everett St, #104, Portland, OR
Hours: Friday & Saturday, 12 – 5 PM, and by appointment


The Portland ‘Pataphysical Society presents SIGHTINGS, an exhibition featuring a new collection of prints developed from eyewitness accounts of unexplained beings. Organized by AJ Nordhagen and Brittany Kieler, the collection includes works from thirty artists who have each contributed a single piece illustrating personal or historically documented experiences with cryptids, ghosts, extraterrestrials, and other scientifically unexplained entities.

SIGHTINGS celebrates the pursuit of defining the non-human world and is informed by contemporary cryptozoological, extraterrestrial, ufological, and paranormal research. The project addresses the unknown as the realm of infinite possibility, unfolding in a vast landscape not easily accessed by humans. It is in part the human inability to research, to control, to domesticate, to know these entities in close and constant proximity, that drives SIGHTINGS.

The medium of printmaking, with its origins in the dissemination of information (particularly zoological and scientific), has a unique ability to capture the physical and psychological ephemera that compose the research of mysterious beings. The exhibition coincides with SGCI Portland’s printmaking conference, Flux: The Edge of Yesterday and Tomorrow.


About Portland ‘Pataphysical Society

The Portland ‘Pataphysical Society is a social club and exhibition space in downtown Portland, OR. As a collective group we examine what Alfred Jarry called both the “science of imaginary solutions” and “the science of exceptions.”

There is no dress code, but it is strictly enforced.

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