Goodnight, Sleep Tight


12" x 12"


My guess is that it was the Summer of ’87 or ’88 when I had my first UFO sighting. Our family was taking a road trip from Tucson to Memphis. The Texas landscape was surreal to us as we drove through the Permian Basin. Mesmerized by towers of flames between Odessa and Midland, we settled down at a KOA camp to spend the night. The summer heat forced us outside of our tents…watching for meteors…I saw a slowly moving, glowing light. I thought I was seeing a satellite traveling from the West to the East. I pointed out that it wasn’t twinkling like a star and that it moved too quickly to be Venus. I soon noticed another glowing object moving at the same speed from the opposite direction. I looked from left to right and pointed with my finger to watch the glowing objects moving towards each other. It looked like they were going to collide when they joined up with another stationary glowing object that I hadn’t notice before. In an instant the glowing objects zoomed off at a right angle, up and away into the Northern sky until they were no longer visible. I had never seen anything like it. We all stared at each other, looking for confirmation that we ALL saw this phenomenon. We talked about it for the rest of the evening and into the next day as we got back on the road. Perhaps society has conditioned us to not talk about such things, but my husband and I agree that we both saw something unusual that night that was not of this world.