Sonic Architectonic Wall



The print New Day Rising is inspired by several sources from my youth. I grew up in the era of 1970’s drug-store tabloid periodicals like U.F.O. Magazine, in a time right before and around the first Star Wars film. Black and white blurry images, amateur photographs of fuzzy disc shapes floating in backyards of American suburban sprawl were fascinating, strange, and deeply familiar. I had an older relative who had experienced multiple sightings out in the middle of western upstate New York. The stories of these encounters were passed on to me at an impressionable age on family visits, family reunions, and holiday gatherings. The sincerity of the retellings was never questioned. These stories were told with complete conviction in front of a host of familial (and uncomfortable) witnesses.

The last points of reference to footnote this print are Husker Du and my sketchbook. The Minneapolis band Husker Du’s monumental mid-80’s LP, New Day Rising, provides the title of the work. In addition to the stunning title track, the album includes the song, “Books About UFOs.” The song perfectly captures the way people discussed flying saucers in a time before the internet. My sketchbook was filled with several pages that resulted in drawing around my collected memories of UFOs.

The print was master printed by Theodore Benson at UW-Madison Serigraphy Lab in Winter 2016. Thanks, Teddy.