Lake Worth Monster


12'' x 12''


Finding tales of creepy creatures in Texas isn’t very hard. From the chupacabra in the south, bigfoot in the east, and tales of the goatman up north, Texas’ varied geography is rife with mysterious sightings.

Residing in the Dallas area, I focused my research on local legends. I decided on the somewhat strange tale of the Lake Worth Monster. Described as a 7’ tall, satyr-like creature with white fur, long claws, and black scales; this beast terrorized areas surrounding Greer Island (Lake Worth) in the summer of 1969. The creature began by terrifying young teenagers at a nearby lover’s lane, gouging large claw marks into the side of a car. With this undeniable evidence, reluctant police finally decided to investigate the mounting complaints of a wild beast on the loose.

The hunt for this creature became a sensation that culminated in a very public confrontation on July 10, 1969. Close to 40 eyewitnesses were met by the beast as it hurled a heavy tire at them from a nearby cliff; scattering onlookers - including sheriff's deputies. The tire was flung some 500 feet. Eyewitnesses marked the inhuman strength of the creature, observing that no man could chuck a tire that far. Sightings of the Lake Worth Monster died down shortly after, leaving the mystery mostly unsolved. Some folks have come forward saying it was all a prank. Others still believe the beast prowls the lake - and on warm, clear nights, its bleating cry can still be heard echoing in the distance.